Jazz Violin Lesson – Blues

Here is a video from Christian Howes’ Membership Site, which he generously allowed use to share with you. It is on the subject of improvising over a blues progression. He uses his looping pedal to create the chord structure and bass line, showing how you can create your own accompaniment for yourself.

If you have your violin handy, this video gives you an opportunity to play along with Chris’ accompaniment with him guiding you.

Jazz Violin Lesson – Blues Video:

To give you some theory background, the blues chord progression in this jazz violin lesson is called a “one four five” progression, G being one, C being four, D being five. Each of the chords is a dominant 7th chord, meaning it has the root, third, fifth, and flat 7th.

So when Chris says “G,” “C” and “D” he is referring to dominant 7th chords. This video is part of Chris’ membership site where that material has already been covered, so this video focuses more on the phrasing and ideas for improvisation – which are extremely valuable points to cover in jazz violin lessons. This is what makes it sound like true melody improvisation instead of just running correct scales over the instrument.

Notice the way he scoops certain notes and embellishes the melody in a way to give it an authentic feel.

To view the complete video series, you can take Chris’ 3 day free trial of his membership site


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